Laser cutting steel

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Laser cutting steel

Precision Laser Cutting

~with accuracy and ease

If you're wanting profiled components, 0.5mm to 20mm thick, cut with razor sharp quality - look no further.

Why Laser Cut?

  • Highest accuracy
  • Best quality
  • No further post-processing required
  • Slot and tab solutions are achievable with laser cutting, allowing for faster set-ups that are more accurate and enable repeatable production for welding operations
  • Total part costs can also be reduced through slot and tab assemblies

Laser Capabilities

Our Trumpf TruLaser 5040 2D Laser Cutting Machine is a large format, precision laser, CO2 cutting machine from the TruLaser Series 5000, which stand for both high productivity and reliable long-term service.

  • Maximum Output 5000w
  • Maximum Sheet Size 2000mm x 4000mm
  • Maximum Thickness Carbon Steel 25mm
  • Maximum Thickness Stainless Steel 20mm
  • Maximum Thickness Aluminium 12mm
  • Positional Accuracy 0.10mm (over 1000mm)
  • Average Position repeatability 0.025mm (over 1000mm)
  • Enormous axis speed (300m/ min) and positioning dynamics

When you can Laser Cut, why settle for less?


We have equipped the TruLaser 5040 with full automation which includes automated loading and unloading via the liftmaster, automated sheet alignment and automatic nozzle cleaning.

Using the most productive equipment available makes the Laser cutting process as cost-effective as possible.

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