3-Dimensional Laser Cutting

3-Dimensional Laser Cutting

3D Tube Laser cutting offers you the freedom to design new 3D structures that would not be possible using traditional methods. Instead of using multiple tools, this one machine can process a variety of materials with varying wall thicknesses, profile stunning geometrics, and all without physical contact.

3D Laser Capabilities

The Trumpf 5000 is able to cut any square or round of tube or pipe or other hollow sections that will fit inside a 152mm area.

  • Minimum size of 20mm OD (round or square)
  • Maximum wall thickness for material
  • Mild Steel 6.4mm
  • Stainless Steel 5.0mm
  • Aluminium 4.0mm
  • Length of material can be up to 6.5m using the automatic loader.
  • Maximum of 7.7m long can be manually loaded.

The Trumpf 5000 is operated by our partner company ES3.