High Definition Plasma Cutting

High Definition Plasma Cutting

~an ideal choice for cost effective cutting of large profiles up to 40mm thick.

We offer high quality CNC plasma cutting using our three high definition plasma cutting machines, with KALIBURN Spirit 275A and 400A power sources.

A maximum cutting area of some 5m x 27m means that we are able to load no less than 8 sheets of 2.4m x 6.0m at any one time for increased productivity

Plasma Capabilities

  • Output 275 Amps or 400 AmpsMaximum cut area 5,000mm x 27,000mm
  • Maximum Thickness 65mm/ 80mm Carbon steel, 32mm/ 50mmStainless steel
  • Production Thickness 32mm/ 50mm
  • Equipped with the latest technology which improves hole and edge quality, especially on material 16mm and above

Download Plasma Cutting Whitepaper.pdf