Oxyfuel cutting for steel

Oxy-Fuel cutting

~ideal for thick carbon steel profiles

The Oxy-fuel cutting process is an age-old process which is the usual choice for heavy plate 40mm and above.

Our modern Computer Network Controlled (CNC) Oxy-Fuel cutting machine is equipped with four cutting heads and has the ability to cut parts up to 8m long.

The Oxy-fuel cutting machine is programmed by our CAM software which incorporates the latest common line cutting and bubble piercing techniques to ensure cost effective nesting and cutting of heavy plates.

Oxy-Fuel Capabilities

  • Maximum Sheet Size - 3000mm x 8000mm
  • Maximum Thickness - 200mm
  • 4 Harris Oxy-Propane cutting torches
  • Motorised piercing for heavy plate cutting

Download Oxyfuel cutting whitepaper.pdf