High Tensile Plate HT80

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High Tensile Plate HT80

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Product Description

  • A high strength, low alloy steel plate with a minimum yield strength of 685MPa. Excellent notch toughness, good weldability and good formability.
  • Ideal for use in applications where increased strength and reduced weight is required.


  • Bisalloy—BIS 80
  • Sumitomo—Sumiten 780S
  • JFE- HITEN 780M

Supply Conditions

  • Thickness Range 5mm—100mm

Typical Uses

  • Transport equipment eg low loaders
  • High-rise buildings eg Columns
  • Mining equipment eg Dump truck trays/ longwall roof supports
  • Lifting equipment eg mobile cranes/ container handling equipment
  • Bridges
  • Storage tanks
  • Excavator buckets
  • Inducted draft fans 

Download High Tensile Plate HT80 datasheet.pdf